Luxury accommodations in Como

Lake Como offers a wide range of luxury accommodations along with some of the best hotels in the world. Generally four star hotels fit in the business hotel category, while five star hotels fit in the luxury category. While Como doesn’t have any five star hotel in the city area, two luxury hotels are available a few minutes from the center: Grand Hotel Villa d’Este and Casta Diva Resort. The first one, open from spring to autumn is well known internationally, while the second one is a new establishment, open all year round.

Online booking is available for the Casta Diva Resort and we encourage you to take a look at the hotel’s page.

If you would rather stay in Como, you can choose from a range of four star hotels. If you are looking more for a luxury accommodation than a business hotel, Albergo Terminus, facing the lake in the center of Como might be what are you looking for.

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