New Year’s eve

New Year’s Eve is big in Como, with fireworks over the lake and music all night long you can be sure you will have a great time.

You should take in account a few points for that evening: the road along the lake will be closed usually from 5pm to the next morning. You should know that, because of the crowd, if you stay at Hotel Tre Re, Hotel Barchetta, Hotel Metropole Suisse, Hotel Terminus and Hotel Palace you might have troubles moving your car (in every case after 8pm expect heavy traffic inbound to the city). Your best bet is to stay near the center and organize your eve by foot.

If you stay in Grandate check with Ferrovie Nord if there is a train link with extra rides for the evening. You might want to park the car in Grandate and skip the queue taking the train to the center.

Your best bet is in upscale restaurants: in new years normal restaurants are as expensive as top restaurants, but top ones keep the same prices, so go for those. Metropole Suisse and Barchetta Excelsior are right into Piazza Cavour, the center of celebrations, you might want to start with those.

Don’t forget to book in advance. While on the 26th you will find plenty of place in restaurants, just two days later you might have troubles booking a decent restaurant.

And while we’re at it, since we strive to give you some hotel booking advice, book right away, from the 1st of december we started to receive a number of enquires, it means that hotels are filling up fast for the holidays. And if you like us, do book using our links: not only you will get insights from us that live in Como since forever but you will help us helping you better (and will cost you no more!).

See you in Como!

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